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1) Review my Reading Policy  before contacting me. I only accept ONE genre, but multiple categories. If your manuscript doesn’t meet my guidelines, then I won’t be a good fit for you.

2) QUESTIONNAIRE - I’ll send you a questionnaire for you to fill out and return. For beta reading clients: if I feel we are a good fit based off your responses, we’ll move on to #4 in the process. For editing clients: if I feel we are a good fit based off your responses, we’ll proceed to #3 in the process.

3) SAMPLE FLIRT (For new editing clients only) - In order to see if we’re a good match, I will request a sample chapter, preferably from the middle. I will eye-bang 1K words of that sample (less for short stories) for free and get back to you with my recommendations. Please note that a sample will give you only a tease of what a professional editing service involves, and will not reflect the full inventory of decisions that will be made.

4) Scheduling - If you like my sample edit--and I feel we are a good match--and to work with me, we’ll discuss scheduling to find a time slot that works for us both.  

5) Quote/Contract/Deposit Invoice - Once we’ve secured a time slot, I’ll send you a quote with a contract and collect a $25 deposit to hold the space in my calendar. Until I receive that deposit, your editing time is not secure and may be booked by another client. All payments will be made online via Stripe.

6) First Invoice - After you accept the quote and contract terms, I’ll send an invoice for a deposit of 50% of the total cost (minus the deposit) of the project,five (5) business days before the start date. Payment of this deposit indicates your acceptance of the contract terms and is due before the project begins. All payments will be made online via Stripe.

7) Send Manuscript 1.0 - Once you pay your deposit, it’s time to send me your manuscript. You will be assigned to a project folder on Google Drive that only you and I will have access to.

8) First Pass - Let the fingering begin! Yes, I went there. I do work in the romance genre, after all. The first pass can take anywhere from one to two weeks from the agreed upon start date, depending on the length of the manuscript and the service chosen. I edit with Track Changes enabled, so you’ll be able to clearly see the changes I’ve made.

9) Final Invoice - The bulk of the work is done during the first pass, so once I’ve completed the first pass, I’ll send you a final invoice for the remaining 50% of the total price. This invoice is due upon receipt.

10) Delivery of Files - After your balance is paid, I return your edited manuscript to you, along with any style sheets or other documents I create for you as part of the services rendered. You will receive the Track Changes version and a Clean version (all changes accepted and only comments remaining).

11) Accept/Reject Changes - Now it’s time for you to eye-bang your manuscript and either accept or reject changes. (Steps 12 & 13 will not apply if you accept the Clean version)

12) Send Manuscript 2.0 - Once you’ve gone over all the changes and comments, send the manuscript back to me for a final cleanup pass.

13) Cleanup Pass - The cleanup pass is a final check to make sure the changes were implemented as intended and no new errors were introduced.

14) Final Files and Receipt - After the cleanup pass, your final files (tracked and clean) will be available to you in your project folder, along with a “paid in full” receipt for your records.


~ Additional read-throughs will be considered a new project and charged at the regular rates.

~ Newer versions will not be accepted once reading or editing has begun.

~ Books in a series or part of an anthology collection are considered to be individual submissions.

~ Manuscripts 100K and over will be quoted rates and turnaround times on a case-by-case basis.

Enough with the diddling. I'm ready to get started!