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Working with An Eye for Romance

If this is your first time working with a beta reader and proofreader, there's no need to be nervous.  I assure you that I make a conscious effort to be critical, yet courteous. Check out the services I offer below.

This service is for the author who has eye-banged their material a few times and wants feedback from a reader perspective

This service is for the author whose material has been eye-banged by a professional editor and is ready for publication.

Education and Experience
I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Nonprofit Management with a concentration in Writing and Literature from Prescott College. I’ve been reading adult romance for over thirty years and am currently doing a little hobby writing within this genre. Additionally, before I switched genres, I was writing a YA and independently published two novels.

Edit with Track Changes
I will read your work and make suggestions with the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word 2016. Here's hoping you have the right, er, equipment to read my comments.

Language and Style
Born and raised in the United States, I am a native English speaker and most comfortable editing American English. I am guided by the Chicago Manual of Style.

Sample Flirt
My goal is to build long-term relationships, so to assure you understand my commentary and editing style, I start with a free sample reading of no more than 1K words of your manuscript.  

My preferred method of communication is strictly via email. I'm an introvert that way and really, shouldn't you be writing or something? But if you feel the need to hear my cheerful voice or see my lovely face, phone or video chats are scheduled on specific days. Contact me for details.

Taking a page from The Go-Go's (remember them?) "My Lips Are Sealed" when it comes to the details of your manuscript including title, release date, and story until publication. Unless you want me to. And I don't show reading samples to potential clients because that's not how I roll.

To cover both our asses, each project is booked with a contract signed by both parties outlining terms and conditions of our relationship. Our business relationship, that is. Get your mind out of the gutter...

A 50% deposit will be due upfront for proofreading projects to get on my schedule. Final payment is due before manuscript is returned. Either a $30 or $50 deposit will be due upfront for beta reading projects (depending on the package you choose) to get on my schedule. Final payment (minus the deposit) is due upfront before services are rendered.  Although rush fees can be applied to beta readings, I do not offer rush fees for proofreading.

Sales you can expect:
June: in celebration of my birthday each year, proofreading services are discounted to 50%.

December: for NaNoWriMo participants, beta reading services are 50% off. For manuscripts 35K-50K ONLY. This is the ONLY time I will read first drafts. Deposit to get on my schedule still applies. Screenshot of NaNoWriMo Profile Page is required.

Referrals and Discounts:

Proofreading Referral: If you refer another author and they become an An Eye for Romance proofreading client, you will receive a $50 credit for these services.


Beta Reading Referral: If you refer another author who uses any of An Eye for Romance's services, you will receive $10 credit for these services.

The author you refer must mention your name for you to receive these discounts.


Return Client Discount: If you're happy with my services, schedule a proofread or beta read for your next book and get 10% off.