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The Write Muse Series: What Book Title or Author Kicked Off Your Romance Writing Career?

The Write Muse Series is a series of questions about the writing life.

Just like my About Me page states, I started reading adult romance books as a freshman in high school. I tried reading YA and I got bored with that genre (despite the fact that, back then, I was writing YA. LOL). I don’t remember the title or the author that got me hooked on the genre, but I’m forever thankful that she did.

Now that I have this business and am getting the pleasure of working with authors in this same genre, I’m curious as to how they got started. I’m a member of several FB writer’s groups, a couple of which are dedicated to just romance, so I asked them:

What was the book title (or who was the author) that made you decide to write in the romance genre?

Here are the responses I received:

Yvonne F. - Sylvia Day cemented it for me but it started with Nora Roberts I think

Lesli L. - Julie Garwood The Bride

Shelby B. - Sherrilyn Kenyon gave me the final push to start my writing. I finally met her over the past weekend. She’s such a sweetheart!

Kristine R. - I was told that I couldn't write romance so I did to prove them wrong. Lol

Stephanie D. - Roni Loren and MS Parker

Sharon B. - Madeline Baker.

Jolene J. - Julie Garwood and Johanna Lindsay

Samantha G. - Johanna Lindsey

Abigail S. - I can't say, because the book was awful and I thought, I could write so much better than this! The book was probably published in the 90s and I read it in the early 2000s. as an aside, I've learned a few things since thinking that thought...

Megan R. - Julie Garwood

Lisa D. - Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Match Me if you can.

Mahogany S. - Shanna by Katherine Woodwiss

Kat J. - Nora Roberts. LOVE her stories.

Amanda S. - Twilight saga and 50 shades because I knew I could do better...

MarySloane F. - Mary Stewart (my Mom introduced me to her). "Airs Above Ground," "The Moonspiners," and many more. Also Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick.

Julie S. - Lora Leigh, Shayla Black, Maya Banks, Beth Kery. Leah Brooke. Tymber Dalton, so many others. They turned me toward Erotic romance. Before them it was Phyllis Whitney and Mary Stewart.

Timothy T. - Once a Soldier by Mary Jo Putney

What about you? How did YOU get started?