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I know what you’re thinking: “If beta readers are usually free, then why am I paying someone like you to read my manuscript?” Well, while some authors are able to find good, reliable beta readers for free, some find themselves with an entire group of readers who don’t follow through. You may not get the response you want, the reader doesn’t finish the book, or (horror of horrors!), you may not get a response at all! Rude much? You’ll get none of that here, my friend. I can provide you with extensive feedback on your manuscript. This service is for the author who’s virgin cherry has been popped. You’ve had wild monkey sex two or three times and you want to make sure your seduction skills are up to par for your next victim—er—partner.








$1.00/per 1K words - Standard 3-Week Turnaround

$1.25/per 1K words - Rush 2-Week Turnaround

$1.50/per 1K words - Super Rush 1-Week Turnaround


Words are rounded to the nearest thousand (ex: 70,563 words would be 71)



 *I only accept ONE genre, but multiple categories. Please review my Reading Policy before filling out the application. If your manuscript doesn’t meet my guidelines, your application will be rejected.

**The starting prices are regardless of word count or turnaround time and is due upfront to secure your spot on my schedule.


***Payment (minus the starting price) is due before service is rendered and paid via Stripe.


Manuscripts 100K and over will be quoted rates and turnaround times on a case-by-case basis.

Additional read-throughs will be considered a new project and charged at the regular rates.

Newer versions will not be accepted once reading has begun.


FIRST DRAFTS ARE NOT ACCEPTEDLike Ernest Hemingway said, "The first draft of anything is shit." Please eye-bang your manuscript a few times to make sure it turned out the way you wanted. It would be a waste of your money--and my time--if you haven't completed your due diligence. 

Sample Flirt - My goal is to build long-term relationships, which is why all prospective clients are required to start with a free sample reading of no more than 1K words of your manuscript.

So, are you ready to thrust yourself into this experience?
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